ValenTx was founded with the goal of treating some of the most pervasive health problems of our time: obesity and obesity-related metabolic disorders such as type-2 diabetes and hypertension. Our approach is to create a non-surgical, endoluminal bypass device that builds on the success of established medical interventions, resulting in a highly effective and least-invasive therapy.

Current treatments for these diseases include surgery, pharmacology, and medically supervised lifestyle management. The risks, costs, and in some cases poor efficacy of these treatments have hampered their broad adoption by patients, physicians, and payers alike.

A truly unmet clinical need exists for a therapy that can deliver the efficacy obtained through surgery, but without the risks and costs associated with surgical intervention.

The ValenTx endoluminal bypass therapy mimics the attributes of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and is implanted through a non-surgical, endoscopic procedure. This procedure does not require gastric stapling or permanent changes to the patient's anatomy. The device is removable, replaceable and designed so that the physician could change the therapeutic profile, thereby optimizing the treatment towards the individual patient's needs.

ValenTx has developed a strong intellectual property portfolio, which lies at the foundation of this therapy. The company has successfully conducted a series of clinical studies demonstrating the viability, safety, and efficacy of the therapy.

The team is comprised of experienced medical device executives and collaborates extensively with leading scientists and physicians.